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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CreekSong different from other communities around Lebanon?

No more cookie cutter houses here. CreekSong is offering a more flexible, private and locally owned custom builder experience vs. a more rigid publicly traded national builder experience. In addition, the development honors the history of the property by preserving the Homestead and restoring the historic barn as a backdrop to the community space.

What is the process for buying a Homesite?

Step 1: Reserve a lot for 30 days by executing a lot reservation agreement and providing a $1000 refundable deposit. Step 2: Enter into a lot purchase agreement and provide a deposit equal to 10% of the cost of the lot.

Step 3: Once the development is ready for home construction, close on the lot within 30 days.

How long will it take to build my home?

Every home is unique. 9 to 11 months is typical and varies based on size and uniqueness of your home.

Are there floor plans that I can pick from?

Working with our team of architects and designers, you can start with one of our floor plan concepts and make it your own, or start totally from scratch.

What is included in the build and what are my options for flooring, colors, etc?

Unlike production builders who give you a limited selection of choices, building a custom home allows you to pick all of your materials from supply stores. Allowances for each category are established for the construction loan but you are free to spend more or less at your discretion.

How can I determine how much my house will cost?

After the very first meeting with the builder and architect, you will have a price range for your custom home. Your selections will determine the final price.

What is the process for financing a new home build?

Most common method is to obtain a construction loan which will issue draws to the builder as certain milestones are hit during the build. Payments are interest only with a 12 month duration.

Do you offer any walk-out lots?

Yes - there are several homesites that will be conducive for a walk out. Inquire within.

What common area amenities will there be in the community?

CreekSong will feature a community pool and covered pavilion space in the roundabout just beyond lot 5. Additional amenities are still being finalized.  

Are there any building requirements or restrictions?

In order to protect our residents’ investment, there will be an architectural review board to ensure the classical architecture theme and maintain a consistent aesthetic

Can I put in my own pool? Fence? etc.

There will be recorded covenants and restrictions as well as an HOA to ensure consistency throughout the community. Private pools, fencing, etc. all covered.

Have you developed any other communities or homes in the area which I can preview?

We invite you to visit Highlands at Heritage Hill to see some of our work, located off Columbia Rd at Highlands Trail, Lebanon OH 45036.

For Any Further Questions, contact Brett Keppler at 513-225-1790

or send a message to

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