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Top 5 Things to Discover in Lebanon, OH

CreekSong is located just mere minutes away from Downtown Lebanon, a city with rich history and unique charm. Though it may seem small, there is lots of character packed into each corner. Here are the top 5 things to discover in Lebanon, OH.

Colonial Park

This 136-acre park is the centerpiece of Lebanon's park system. Colonial Park is so big it has four separate main entrances. The majority of the park is wooded with several creeks running through it and it features an extensive trail network for avid walkers or hikers. Additionally the park provides eight baseball/softball fields, a soccer field, playground areas, shelters and a basketball court. Whether it's for sports, a picnic or a hike, Colonial Park has endless options for recreation.

Downtown Lebanon

If you've ever wanted to feel like you're walking through a Hallmark Christmas movie town, Downtown Lebanon is it (literally, it was the setting for the 2013 Hallmark Christmas Movie, The Christmas Spirit). Bursting with country charm and tree lined streets, USA Today called Lebanon one of the "Ten Great Places to Browse for Antiques." Downtown also holds more than just shops. You can satisfy your sweet tooth at the Village Parlor with an ice cream soda or get a chocolate treat at the Golden Turtle Chocolate Factory. Whether it's grabbing a bite, doing some shopping or just taking in the historic views, Downtown Lebanon has a lot to offer.

The Golden Lamb

The Golden Lamb might be the most famous attraction in the heart of Lebanon. It's the oldest hotel in Ohio, dating back to 1815. It's been added to the National Register of Historic Places and has been host to many famous people. 12 different U.S. Presidents have visited, as well as Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Daniel Webster, Robert Taft, John McCain, Mitt Romney and pop-star Ke$ha. If you're not looking to book a room, the historic hotel also has a great fine dining option in its restaurant/tavern.

Warren County Historical Society & Harmon Museum of Art and History

If you didn't get the gist quite yet, Lebanon celebrates history and preservation. So you shouldn't be surprised to hear that they have one of the most robust county centric museums in all of the United States. Starting back in the 1940's, the Warren County Historical Society has been collecting and preserving Lebanon history for decades. The biggest display of history is the award-winning Harmon Museum, a 30,000 square feet four story building containing displays and exhibits of art and artifacts from the prehistoric eras to the mid-20th century. It also contains the second largest collection of Shaker artifacts and archives in the entire world. If you're looking to learn, look no further than the Harmon Museum.

Hidden Valley Orchards

Hidden Valley Orchards (commonly referred to as H.V.O.) is just a few minutes North of Downtown Lebanon. H.V.O. has been serving the Lebanon area for over 60 years and continues to be a local favorite year after year. Whether it's the fresh, homegrown farmers market, the new brewery with homemade hard ciders, or coco barn serving up ice cream and other treats. H.V.O. hosts hundreds of public events so there's always something to do and opportunities to connect with the local community.

Of course there are so many more reasons to not only visit, but call Lebanon home. These are just a few of the highlights but you'll have to come by and experience it all for yourself!

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