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At Brunch at the Barn, Neighbors Meet for the First Time

CreekSong thanks each and every person who joined us for Brunch at the Barn on Saturday, July 10th. You made the event a truly memorable one! It was fantastic to see neighbors meeting one another for the very first time.

A very special thank you to the Lebanon Ohio Farmers Market vendors for providing locally sourced syrups, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Iron’s Fruit Farm, Apple Creek Farms, Little Miami Farms, Shelton Produce, & CC's Blooms made this brunch especially "Lebanon!"

Hats off to the chefs! We couldn't have plated the delicious food without the kitchen help of Mike Williams of High Pointe Custom Homes, his parents, his wife Sara, and their children.

TREO Realtors worked hard to market the event and make the historic farmhouse a beautiful space for gathering on a semi-rainy day. Brett Keppler kept the Real Estate expertise and ATV tours flowing. Dry inside, Sara Hughes captured smiling faces as folks mingled and chatted over life, dreams & breakfast.

Josh Ferreira provided the perfect soundtrack of acoustic covers of timeless hits. It started to pour just as he sang, "thunder only happens when it's raining," doing Fleetwood Mac justice. A quick move inside the farmhouse kept the tunes going and the event alive.

Were you there with us? Comment below with your favorite memories!

If you're on the fence about reserving your lot, schedule an ATV tour for a personalized trip through the community here.

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